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Request for Donations

INO, a nonprofit organization is now inviting your donations to go ahead with our projects more effectively.
Your donations go towards funds for our activities.
Thank you for your understanding and support for our activity.

※If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us by e-mail

Donation Bank Account (Japan Post Bank)


Bank name: Japan Post Bank
Code number: 17040
Account number: 10405231
Account name: トクヒ)イノー


Bank name: Japan Post Bank
Branch number: 708
Type: Ordinary savings account
Account number: 1040523
Account name; トクヒ)イノー

* When you donate with this method, please send us an e-mail (subject=“Donation”) with the information about the donation: your name, your contact (address, tel.,) date of the transfer, and the amount of the donation.
Thank you for your donations
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