okinawa ojii

conservation and application of disappearing marine culture of okinawa
First, we highlighted the generation of our senior fishermen who were referred as “Ojii” respectfully, in Okinawa.

Most of them had been sold to fisherman’s bosses in their infancy. And they have more than sixty-years experience on average.

Also, they experienced handling sailboats and skin-diving fishing which are now obsolete.Navigation skills and fishing methods like these were in the style much closer to Nature.

We presume that we can find out lots of clues and tips in those experiences.

But we regret that increasing numbers of those fishermen are retiring, and not a few of them have passed away. We should pick up their wisdom and experiences. By giving them a try, and learning through experience, we are sure that we can find out and get some valuable guides that lead to our right fishery in the future.

Also, we send out information widely, so that we can share it with a lot of people.

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