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About INO
INO is a non-profit organization founded in October, 2010.

Fish has become smaller and fewer in the last ten years.
Natural “Mozuku” - a kind of sea vegetable which is edible and good- that used to grow thick as to obscure our view has been dying off badly. Instead, some unfamiliar kinds of seaweed are rampant around.

Once you swing a hammer to get “Shakogai”, a giant clam, a cloud of dust fly up and around so, that you cannot even see your hands to say nothing of the clam.

It’s quite natural for the fishermen who face the everyday realities of the sea should speak out.
“No, this is no good. We cannot just sit back and ignore the problem today.”

Hearing that, marine-related people including some scientists met and formed a team with the word, “Let’s get started and do something for it.”

That’s INO. INO is the word meaning inland sea -the sea close to the shore-in Okinawan language.

Neither as an environmental organization, nor as a group for the cause of ecology, we would like to search for how we are to be as “Umintyu”, in the near future.

Matters at hand

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